Campus Networks

High capacity networking for dense, demanding environments.

Stay Connected When It Matters

Campus Connectivity

Modern campus networks have become increasingly complex in line with amplified demand from their user-bases, as well as increased integration with IoT devices and cloud initiatives.

A great campus network must enact security policies that scale automatically and consistently to accommodate new users and devices, and of course be built on a solid, fast foundation to keep productivity and efficiency high.

The number of devices connecting to networks is only increasing, and applications are consuming ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth.

World-Class Managed Networking

Wired & Wireless

Our campus networking solutions are versatile, and tailored to suit the needs of your location and your users. Whether it's wireless connectivity, wired connectivity, a private secure local area network, or all of the above, our experts will build the network that makes sense for you.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Your time is important. Waste no time with zero-touch provisioning. Deployment and configuration used to take weeks, now it takes minutes. All Cloudpush wireless devices automatically connect to the cloud over a secure link, register with their network, and download their configuration. No manual staging, configuration or provisioning required whatsoever.

Virtual Stacking

Power at your fingertips. Manage hundreds of switches from a single pane-of-glass, without having to touch your switches. Our wireless access points automatically adapt to changing performance and conditions, without the need for tedious and manual tuning of wireless parameters to get optimal results.

Real-Time Tools

Our tools allow you to instantly search and find a client on the network, wherever they are, and identify connectivity issues. Right from the dashboard you are able to take performance measurements to ensure the smooth running of your network.

Do More With Our Tools

Size Does Matter

Deploying networking that can deliver the performance needed to provide high-quality, reliable wireless services is critical.

Your campus LAN needs cloud management. Enabling you to centrally manage networks of all sizes — from small sites with a handful of devices to massive locations with thousands of switches and access points that connect thousands of end-user devices.

Part of the Magic is our unique onboarding process

When you partner with Cloudpush as your IT Support partner, we perform an extensive audit and documentation process of your IT estate.

It’s this process which gives us all of the information we need to not only support you and your employees, but to make recommendations and guide you in the future.

We will track all of your IT assets for you and provide you with detailed reports on your IT estate.