Public Cloud

Cloud Agnostic – Azure, AWS and Google

Leverage cloud resources to power your business’ critical workloads

Your Choice Of Public Cloud

When you partner with Cloudpush, we’ll not only give you direct access to our Cloud specialists, we will also devise strategies that will save you money.

Cloud costs money, and businesses have to be careful with overspend when they migrate to the cloud and utilise more and more of the great features. We’ll help you to make the right choices with your resource utilisation regardless of your chosen Cloud vendor.
We’ve built countless durable cloud solutions that not only perform, but give excellent ROI. It’s in our name.

Soar To New Heights!


Cloudpush can help you utilise as little or as many resources as you need to get projects over the line without overspending.


With us as your Cloud Solution Provider, we pass the benefits of our discounted cloud consumption costs straight to you.

Cloud Architecture

We are Cloud experts. With us, you will receive the very best in Cloud technical support, advice and consultancy.

Proven Solutions

Here at Cloudpush we have deployed an array of solutions for our customers with proven performance, resilliency and predictable costs. Tap into that knowledge.

There's more to the cloud than you may realise

Use The Cloud Effectively

Many businesses adopted a cloud first policy without consideration of how and when they should use the cloud. For some, that became very expensive.

The team here at Cloudpush will advise you on the many different facets of the Cloud and how they can suit your business IT requirements.
We’ve leveraged public cloud for a variety of use cases and a wide variety of sectors. We’ll help you make sensible, business driven decisions in your cloud adoption.

How Can You Use The Cloud?

The sky is the limit, but Here's a Few Scenarios to guide your decision

Disaster Recovery

Utilising Cloud resources for disaster recovery gives you predictable cost scenarios in the event of disaster and allows your business to keep functioning.

Virtual Desktop

With the recent drive to cloud computing, virtual desktops have simplified getting end users connected securely and inexpensively to business resources.

Scale Up & Out

By utilising virtual machines in the cloud your business can increase its computing capability, when it needs it, without the cost of expensive hardware. Perfect for Development.

Hybrid Cloud

Access the scalability and cost saving potential of public cloud and combine with the security, ownership and control of private cloud infrastructure.

Connect Your Public Cloud Directly To Your Data Centre or Office!

We can provide Express Route, Direct Connect and Cloud Interconnect for your business when you utilise our Connectivity services. Not only will we provide the network services but we’ll help you with the installation into your public cloud.