Announcing Rachel Foster as our Brand Development Partner

Rachel Foster - Brand Development Partner

We did say that there were a lot of big announcements coming, and this one is HUGE!

Rachel has been working with us since the very first day we set-up Cloudpush and has pretty much run all of our day-to-day operations. To be honest we have utterly relied on her efforts to help us get to where we are.

It’s now time to change her role to reflect the growing needs of our business and we’re delighted to announce Rachel as our ‘Brand Development Partner’. In this role Rachel will play a central role in working alongside us to drive the business forward.

Quite simply her new focus is to ensure we differentiate the Cloudpush image, products and services from our competitors, and to ensure that our mission, vision, values and behaviours fully support this. Rachel will be working directly with our clients and partners to help us to  develop the Cloudpush brand and operations into a truly world class business.

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