Cloudpush & IT Glue

Cloudpush & IT Glue

We have now joined the 200,000 users in 70+ countries that are now using IT Glue. This fits perfectly in with our existing suite of E2E integrated platforms and better enables us to support our clients and grow our business.


IT Glue is a cloud-based, SOC 2-compliant IT documentation platform that will help us to manage client documentation and reduce the time we spend searching for important information. It’s breadth of coverage is impressive and covers asset tracking, documentation automation, relationship mapping, checklists, workflows, and much more.

With IT Glue, we can create custom checklists of action items, and assign these to team members, to manage team workflows and track the status of critical tasks. Checklist templates can be used to create standardized processes for use across our business. Processes can be made repeatable by generating and storing knowledge base and standard operating procedure (SOP) documents. Diagrams can be embedded for clarity, and articles can be linked to other documentation stored in IT Glue.

We will be using it to create and manage Runbooks and granular access controls and permissions give us full control over which documents are shared. The ‘bullet proof’ audit trail and version control tools allow us to restore deleted items and revert to earlier versions of documents. Domains, devices, passwords, SSL certificates, and custom assets are all automatically versioned. IT Glue’s API enables integration with other platforms and extension of documentation, by providing programmatic read or write access to account data.

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Ransomware is not a bunch of geeks targeting businesses. It is a sophisticated ecosystem of analysts, tool developers, money launderers and the attackers who may not even know each other. Businesss need to take a close look at their IT vulnerabilitiues.

It’s a good time to review just how up to date your firmware patching is! #cyberattack, #cybersecurity, #firmware

Cloudpush has now achieved RingCentral Ingite! Partner status, the highest level available to channel partners. More details here:
#cloudpush, #ringcentral, #voip, #ucaas

We’re excited to announce our partnership with RingCentral, a Gartner leader in the UCaaS industry. We can now offer clients a broad suite of cloud enterprise unified communications and collaboration solutions.
#cloudpush, #ringcentral, #voip, #ucaas

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