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Microsoft 365

Work, learn, collaborate, connect, and create with Microsoft 365


Empower your employees

Endpoint Management

Microsoft 365 gives you the power to manage your company devices with enterprise-level power and agility. Deploy apps at the click of a button from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft Teams

Teams integrates existing apps and channels of communication into a unified, interconnected platform—designed for today’s increasingly mobile, global, and social workers.

Advanced Security

Microsoft 365 allows you to concentrate on your core business areas while protecting against cyberthreats with endpoint security.


When you work with your files in M365, you’ve got a foundation to share, edit together, and collaborate. No more emailing attachments, no more juggling multiple versions, and no longer restricted to just the office computer.


Work is no longer a place to go, it’s an attitude

The push to modern, agile working has been steadily on the rise for a few years, but the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically accelerated the uptake in Microsoft 365 powered workforces. Cloudpush have years of experience migrating businesses to Microsoft 365, so let us take you on your journey into the Cloud.

With Microsoft 365, you can expect your employees to work seamlessly from any location and any platform, to collaborate and engage with your customers, while remaining secure. Not to mention that they get all of the apps that they know and love as standard.


We know the cloud, it's in our name

Cloudpush have a wealth of experience helping businesses with their digital transformation. We are a Microsoft Partner (MPN) and a recognised Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

With many partners to choose from, Cloudpush stands above the rest by offering a truly transparent partnership with your business’ best interests at heart. Your success is the key to ours.

Due to our close relationship with Microsoft and our in house SME’s we get top-tier instant support when we need it.

Not only can we help you with your software as a service but we can best advise your business as a whole, saving you money, as well as stress.

Our Consultants are Microsoft 365 Certified Experts. We’re giving you the best experts in the field to manage your Modern Workplace transition.

We don’t tie you in to a number of subscriptions per year. You can vary your commitment month to month with us. We don’t believe you should be tied down beyond your requirements.

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