Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms

This year there has been a huge growth in demand for video-enabled collaboration spaces, making it more accessible for companies to work effectively, even from remote locations. Beyond the global pandemic, many businesses are looking towards longer-term remote working, and much more flexible solutions.

Microsoft Teams Rooms systems work with existing video displays and cameras, providing they are certified for Microsoft Teams. If you’re already using Microsoft Teams but haven’t yet embraced its video capabilities, Microsoft Teams Rooms can help to expand meetings beyond the desktop and instead create productive, collaborative meeting rooms.

From small huddle rooms to large conference rooms, Microsoft Teams Rooms can enhance the meeting experience and make it much simpler for productive collaboration to take place. Organise a meeting, join a meeting, add more participants and more in just a few clicks or touches.

Microsoft Teams Rooms has a relatively low investment cost, particularly if you already have compatible equipment or if you already use Microsoft Teams within the business. If you’re looking for a way to move into video meetings for the first time, Microsoft Teams Rooms is scalable dependent on your business requirements.

With recommendations for the system to be set up in a meeting room for two to six people, this can easily be scaled up for the likes of larger boardrooms or small auditoriums. As more staff begin to use it to link up with other departments or partners with similar facilities, you could begin to see more effective working and less need for travel.

We’re a Microsoft Silver Partner, and fully accredited with many Microsoft strategic hardware partners, including Logitech and Yealink. Contact us to find out how Microsoft Teams Rooms can help your organisation.

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