Our New Partner – Project Audio Visual

Our New Partner - Project Audio Visual

We’re incredibly technical and can certainly install video kit but we can’t light a candle to our latest partner ‘Project Audi Visual’. These guys have been doing AV for years, and across multiple sectors. They don’t just install they design and create exquisite solutions.


COVID-19 has catalyzed a paradigm shift in the way we work. Few of us spent more than the odd day working at home and most of us enjoyed business travel on company expenses. We have seen a massive shift to home working, a dramatic cut in business travel and everyone making a lot of use of video conferencing.  

Most IT businesses are capable of putting in some conference phones, and maybe a basic video conferencing capability. In most cases It will not look great, the kit may be not brilliant and possibly not easy to use and unreliable. The likely outcome is that it will not be popular so a bit of a waste of money! With few exceptions, IT firms cannot cope with larger meeting rooms, high end board rooms, room booking systems, reception and wall displays. You need deep AV skills to be able to understand the genuine user journey and each client’s needs and problems, and then utilise a broad range of available technologies and installations to find the perfect solution.

Project Audio Visual have been in the AV business for nearly 20 years. Their 4,500ft  Reading based showroom has a huge range of equipment installed to showcase a variety of AV services and the latest technology. They have their own in-house installation and AV service design team, and offer a complete service all over the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Don Lambresa (CEO) and Carl Bastin (COO) are hugely experienced and genuinely nice guys. We’ve also met their families, courtesy of video conferencing, and would be very happy to share a few beers and a BBQ with them all!

We are incredibly excited to be working with these guys and look forward to introducing them to our existing and future clients, who we know will enjoy discovering the potential to leverage AV more effectively.

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